Palm Springs Re-Union


Well that was an amazing time!

Back to Anarchy and Ink in Palm Springs with Wyatt and Derynne. The shop where my tattoo career began.
A whole new crew is at the shop and I finally got to visit the 29 Palms location as well.

I finally got to do my friend and personal MMA trainers back piece of a battle elephant Ganesh, he’s been waiting 4 yrs. My friends Charlie and Scotty got some fresh ink too. They changed their designs from medium sized pieces into a full elaborate chest piece and penis tattoo on Charlie and a full buttocks and thigh tattoo of roses and snakes on Scotty. I’ll be working more on both gentlemen in the future.

Made some great new friends and did a lot of smaller tattoos as well, unfortunately I had to leave early and reschedule a few HUGE and EPIC designs.

Can’t wait to get back but first it’s Convention Season in Canada!