Hourly rate is $150

No set up fee - No charge for breaks - Charged by the minute after the first hour

Accepting debit and credit cards but cash is king!


Consults are free.

I do not do consults when I'm tattooing someone, you must book an appointment. Their time is as precious as yours and I focus on my clients 100%

Arrive prepared, bring style examples and reference material. 


I require a $100.00 deposit before I start sketching anything up or booking your tattoo appointment. Larger deposits are taken for larger projects like full sleeves, back pieces, and when booking in for a convention slot.

Deposits come off the final cost/sit of the tattoo and are taken as insurance that you’ll show up to your appointment(s), showing me that you are just as commited about getting the piece done as I am to doing it.

I do client drawings on days when I have no tattoos booked and I have a rough sketch for clients to see at least 24hrs  before their scheduled appointment. Drawings are queued as such. If you like what you see I have a clean line drawing ready to go for the day of the appointment.

Once a deposit is left, tiny changes are fine, but you can’t change your mind on concept, subject matter or placement discussed during the consultation as this may change whether or not it is a project I am willing to take on and push you down the que.

Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to other people. You get 1 cancellation/reschedule and I require 24 hours notice.  If you don’t let me know you need to reschedule/cancel with 24 hrs notice, or you no-show for your appointment, then the deposit is forfeited.

Once the design is approved you have 12 weeks to start the tattooing. After that the deposit is lost and the design will be put out to the public as flash.

Deposits can be dropped off in person at the shop or sent as an e-transfer through online banking.