Started my artistic career at 15 as a branding and graphic artist. I completed correspondence art college while finishing high school and got accepted at the Emily Carr Art University although I went into healthcare instead.  Started my first practice called The Alternative Therapy Clinic at 17 with several staff.  As the 50th member of the founding association of the Natural Health Practioners of Canada I'm annually upgrading and maintaining current healthcare knowledge and practices from cadaver labs to psychology staying relevant. 

 I did a special effects make-up artistry and animatronics apprenticeship in San Diego while becoming a sailor and worked on the marketing products side of Star Wars Episode 1, sculpting halloween masks etc... My artistic endeavours have included everything from teaching pastry art and design to custom mosaic works. I've had several gallery and private exhibitions over the years and travelled the world learning new and amazing body work techniques.

Soft Tissue Rehab and Tattooing  work so well together.  I can help people with physical ailments become bio mechanically functional again and I can help people with bad tattoos get a new paint job, cover scars or illustrate their personal journey with new amazing ink! It surprises me everyday how natural the cross over is between the two.

Tattooing found me, I wasn't even looking to be a Tattoo Artist.  While training and practicing cage fighting in Palm Springs Ca. USA. I met the crew at Anarchy and Ink and the owner, rest in peace, Cameron told me "You need to be a Tattooer!!" and offered to apprentice me. Since then I have done a tour from L.A. thru California to Sedona Arizona and back to my home in Canada.  Always looking for new skills and inspired tattooers, who knows where I'll end up guest spotting?

Check the News blog to see what events I'm  participating in or seminars I'm taking!

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  • Instagram : @slippery_palm
  • facebook : @slippery palm oil and ink
  • Vero :  @Jeffery Kincaellan

I currently rent a chair from World Famous Sideshow Tattoo at 16656 109 ave Edmonton AB
Book directly through me, By appointment, usually just a few weeks waiting period.  Larger pieces up to a month.  Hours are noon-8pm 7 days a week by appointment.

My clinic is home based, by physician referral only or by referral of an existing patient and by appointment. Hours are 9am-9pm 7 days a week by appointment